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Welcome to Bianca Event Center!


If your goals are quality, luxury and sophistication, then Bianca Event Center is the place for you.

We take care of every detail, leaving you to relax and enjoy your special day. We offer you a wonderful experience in celebration of your wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. The Bianca Event Center gives a promise for a relaxed atmosphere for your meetings, conferences, trainings and presentations, making it ideal for combining work with pleasure.

We give you various delicious menus at your disposal with top service through our Bianca CATERING. Our chefs cook for all occasions and food will be delivered on location and always on time. You can try some of our specialties in our stores through an excellent offer of ready-to-eat dishes made in Bianca pot.

When you select Bianca Event Center, you will know that you will get a recognizable quality that comes with style.

Experience the Bianca uniqueness. Be our guest.


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